Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Zhao Zhuang, Jin San Ju, Xiu Gen Jiang, Xiao Mei Feng, Jun Yuan

Abstract: Considering unavoidability of torsional vibration of high-rise buildings during earthquake, for a simpler and more accurate way to compute...

Authors: Shi Cai Chen, Wei Ming Yan, Xiao Ming Tian, Jie Gao

Abstract: In order to analyze seismic behavior of large-scale exterior joints of high-rise precast concrete structures, an experimental study on...

Authors: Hui Ming Bao

Abstract: By means of the tests on the mechanics performance of the reinforcing concrete mixed with sisal fibers or rubber powder of certain content...

Authors: Can Xing Qiu, He Tao Hou, Wei Long Liu, Ming Lei Wu

Abstract: A model of full scale one-bay, one storey was tested under low cyclic loading in order to study the hysteretic behavior of steel frames with...

Authors: Yuan Xun Zheng, Ying Chun Cai, Ya Min Zhang

Abstract: This study presents a kind of new model correlates air and pavement temperatures in bituminous pavement. Based on abundant measured...

Authors: Song Lin Yang, Bo Diao, Ying Hua Ye

Abstract: Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) has been a technological breakthrough offering compressive strength over 100MPa...

Authors: Chun Yang, Ming Ji He, Jian Cai, Yan Sheng Huang, Yi Wu

Abstract: Based on strut-and-tie model (STM) in deep beams, steel truss reinforced concrete (STRC) deep beam was developed. Experimental...

Authors: Qi Li, Qing Shan Yang, Yu Fen Jin

Abstract: A large eddy simulation algorithm for numerically calculating unsteady wind field around complex geometry building was given. In this...

Authors: Wen Da Wang, Zhi Feng Guo, Yan Li Shi

Abstract: The steel tube confined concrete (STCC) column exhibits excellent mechanical performance. A 3-D finite element model (FEM) using ABAQUS was...

Authors: Yan Li Shi, Xiao Yan Zhou, Wen Da Wang

Abstract: Progressive collapse is a chain reaction of failure that relates local damage to large disproportional scale collapse in a structure. At...


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