Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Wei Yao, Yu Pu Song, Ling Xia Gao

Abstract: Little progress has been made in experimental studying on high-temperature mechanical properties of concrete under multiaxial compression....

Authors: Ming Wen, Xin Fang Wang, Zi Chen Deng

Abstract: A bolt-ball is a commonly joint form in latticed shells. It’s a typical semi-rigid joint, which can bear certain amount of bending moment....

Authors: Guang Xian Tang, Zhi Chao Jia, Zhi Heng Deng, He Yong Lu

Abstract: To understand mechanical characteristics of frame joints of steel truss SRC beam, the accuracy of the proposed method is proved by the...

Authors: Zhi Heng Deng, Guang Xian Tang, Zhi Chao Jia, Qian Lin

Abstract: In order to research the seismic performance, eight joints with steel truss SRC beam and RC column under low-cyclic reversed load was...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Hong Liang Li

Abstract: In the present paper, a new creep-fatigue crack growth model of J-integral criterion is proposed. The model is built based on the...

Authors: Yan Feng Fang, Li Yan Chen, Hua Xi Gao

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of correlation of variables on structural reliability is discussed. Using importance, condition and duality...

Authors: Ming Ji He, Chun Yang, Jian Cai, Yan Sheng Huang, Yi Wu

Abstract: Enhancing column flexural capacity is the key measure in seismic capacity design to achieve strong column-weak beam failure mode and...

Authors: Jun Chen, Jia Lv, Qi Lin Zhang, Zhi Xiong Tao, Jun Chen

Abstract: Laminated glass has been increasing widely used in high rise buildings as a kind of safety glass in recent years. So we should analyze its...

Authors: Kai Liu, Xin Yi Wang

Abstract: Cable sliding in membrane pockets or on membrane surfaces has not yet been considered in analysis of cable-membrane structure software. In...

Authors: Qing Ma, Jin Song Lei, Wen Zhi Yin

Abstract: Double-limb lipped channel section steel member is formed by connecting two single limb members with bolts in order to improve the buckling...


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