Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ming He, Xiao Li, Teng Fei Li, Shou Ding Li

Abstract: Rock and soil aggregate (RSA) is a special geo-material and composed of hard matrix like gravel, cobble, pebble and soft matrix of soil....

Authors: Li Lin Cao, Ai Qun Li, Yang Deng

Abstract: A structural damage alarming method is proposed using empirical mode decomposition. The basic idea of this method is that with respect to...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Ji Wen Zhang, Yong Ming Tu

Abstract: A novel building structure system, namely core-tube vibration-reduction suspended structure (CVRSS), is put forward in this paper. The basic...

Authors: Wen Wei Yang, Xiu Li Wang, Dan Dan Wang

Abstract: Ningxia Helan Mountain stadium the bottom grandstand of which is steel reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure, the top canopy of...

Authors: Hao Xiang He, Hong Nan Li

Abstract: The force-deformation curve of a reinforced concrete structure in push-over analysis is used to compute the corresponding damage index. A...

Authors: Shi Liang Xu

Abstract: The Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) Method play an important role in the geotechnical engineering and the back analysis of thermal...

Authors: Ling Ling Jia, Hang Jing, Yang Han

Abstract: In this paper, the successive computation formulas of ice response spectrum are derived and deduced based on the assumption of nonlinear...

Authors: Chang Yu Cui, Bao Shi Jiang, Hong Yan Zheng

Abstract: The structural morphogenesis methods are numerical methods for seeking various‘good structure shape’ based on mathematical and mechanical...

Authors: Qi Yin Shi, Long Wei Wen, Peng Fei Mao

Abstract: Nonlinear 3D finite element models (FEM) of the two kinds of joints, namely steel bars headed through the pipe joint and steel bars welded...

Authors: Yuan Yao Miao, Di Tao Niu, Yan Wang

Abstract: Durability of concrete structure due to carbonation problem has attracted worldwide attention. By studying on the performance of steel fiber...


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