Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Wei Ding, Jian Hua Cui

Abstract: With the accelerating process of urbanization, various kinds of unconventional concrete structure increases day by day. According to the...

Authors: Tian Yin Xiao, Jian Gang Han, Hong Bo Gao

Abstract: The aim of updating models is to generate improved numerical models which may be applied in order to predict actual dynamic behaviors of the...

Authors: Yu Wang, Yong Jun Liu, Ya Feng Xu

Abstract: At present, the structure of gabled frames is the most extensively-applied structure in the single-storey industrial building and long-span...

Authors: Zhang Feng Zhu, Zheng Xing Guo

Abstract: According to arrangements of local cast-in-situ regions, new precast concrete shear wall (NPC wall) has various types including integrally...

Authors: Guo Qi Liu, Jian Song, Bing Yan

Abstract: This paper presents a suitable solution of studying methods on BRBs’ critical load with finite element software.The effects of the relevant...

Authors: Xiao Li Xiong, Li Bing Jin, Hui Wang

Abstract: T-struts subject to centroid compression buckle flexural-torsionally about their axis of symmetry. When the force is applied at the shear...

Authors: Lei Wang, Jin Xiu Liang

Abstract: This paper summarizes the results and discussion of experimental studies on corroded, reinforced concrete 4 point beam test specimens (120...

Authors: Zhe Li, Shao Ji Chen, Ye Ni Wang, Cui Ping Zhang, Jing Xu

Abstract: The neutral axis change along with axial load ratio, load angle, section size etc. For the neutral axis of SRCLSC(steel reinforced concrete...

Authors: Iqbal Khan Mohammad

Abstract: Measurement and prediction of absorption of concrete by saturation method is presented. Measurement of absorption of concrete consisting of...

Authors: Ya Ting Zang, Yong Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Taking the structure construction cost as the optimized goal, the optimization design is carried on the steel frame structure considering...


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