Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan De Zhou, Li Lai

Abstract: This paper researchs the space vector change and machine vision recognition based on plane target cooperation identification.Then...

Authors: Wen Si Hao

Abstract: The Vibration screener is widely use in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, grain, mine, etc. In this paper, we analyze the...

Authors: Zhi Ming Zhou, Wei Jiu Huang, Li Wen Tang, Xiao Ping Li, Jing Luo, Tao Zhou, Jie Zhan, Cheng Yun Peng

Abstract: The microstructure of Cu75Cr25 alloys was investigated by using vacuum non-consumable arc melting, electromagnetic...

Authors: Zhe Ming Zhu

Abstract: Joints can reflect and transmit stress waves, thus joints affect rock fracturing, and accordingly they could affect blasting efficiency. In...

Authors: Hai Hua Wu, Xuan Du, Qi Hua Tian

Abstract: Wet gelcast body contains the same amount of water as the starting slurry, which has to be eliminated by a subsequent drying step. But in an...

Authors: Yu Qiang Qin, Xue Ying Zhang

Abstract: In emotion classification of speech signals, the popular features employed are statistics of fundamental frequency, energy contour, duration...

Authors: Kai Xiang Peng, Dong Hua Zhou

Abstract: This paper first introduces the principle of AGC and conventional AGC in Hot Strip Mill (HSM). A linearized and discretized state-space...

Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: The rigid-visco-plastic finite element model for the hot forging process of half axle gear was established, and the enclosed-die forging...

Authors: Zhe Ming Zhu

Abstract: A surface blasting model of rock with pre-existing randomly distributed defects, including voids, pores and small open joints, under...

Authors: You Rong Chen, Tiao Juan Ren, Zhang Quan Wang, Yi Feng Ping

Abstract: To prolong network lifetime, lifetime maximization routing based on genetic algorithm (GALMR) for wireless sensor networks is proposed....


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