Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Li, Zhan Xin Ma

Abstract: The economic growth of Inner Mongolia has ranked first for several years since Western Development. In this paper, we establish a level...

Authors: Hong Song Zhang, Su Ran Liao, Yuan Wei, Shao Kang Guan

Abstract: This paper reviews the theory of thermal conduction of ceramic materials with the aim to reduce further the thermal conductivity of plasma...

Authors: Ke Xu, Peng Zhou, Hui Yan Zhang

Abstract: Flatness is a crucial parameter describing geometry of the steel strip surface. Measurement of flatness is very important for control of...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhang, Jin Lei Chen, Wen Bin Liu

Abstract: TiO2 film was deposited on glass substrate by a sol-gel process using PEG1000 as a template to prepare porous film. The...

Authors: Zheng Quan Liu

Abstract: For achieving the maximum energy efficiency of Building-integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) buildings, the Solar Heat Gain (SHG) through the...

Authors: Tarik Idbeaa, Kasmiran Jumari, Salina Abd. Samad, Ali Abdulgader, Nidal Eshah

Abstract: Steganography is the idea of embedding a secret data in different media and has become an important regulation of methods of data...

Authors: Wen Zhong Qu, Li Xiao

Abstract: Lamb waves are ultrasonic elastic waves that travel inside and along thin plates and is frequently used as diagnostic tools to detect damage...

Authors: Syuhaimi Ab.Rahman Mohammad, Mohamed Shaktur Khaled, Mohammad Rahmah

Abstract: Electrooptic waveguide technology is suitable for realization of an electro-optic 2x3 switch based on integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer...

Authors: Zi Xin Zhu, Ai Jun Li, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: Cored wires and arc spraying were used to produce high Mg content Zn-Al-Mg alloy coatings on low carbon steel substrates. And the corrosion...

Authors: Qiao Xu, Shun Qi Mei, Zhi Ming Zhang

Abstract: As to the disadvantages of traditional contact measurement methods, a non-contact measurement system of yarn tension based on CCD technology...


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