Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Huang

Abstract: In light of current world economics heading towards a direction that demands a refurbished theoretical guidance, Huang, Mu and Huang’s...

Authors: Qian Lan

Abstract: Although the logistics of Beibu gulf (Guangxi) is still in the primary stage such as the small-scaled logistics enterprises, low service...

Authors: Jing Yu Wang, Wu Liang Peng, Qing Jun Jiao

Abstract: Emergency management theory based on existing research results is studied, and a flexible solution of emergency management information...

Authors: Xing Hua Yang, Ting Rui Liu, Ai Qin Sun

Abstract: To maintain the outlet temperature at the desired set-point, a high-order outlet temperature control model is established for a water...

Authors: Shi Xi Tang, Ke Ming Tang

Abstract: To solve the problem that the duration is too long when the change of the measuring process data of industrial real-time database appears...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Wen Yu Yu

Abstract: For the unsymmetrical bandwidth in HFC network, this paper proposes a data transmission scheme of Cable Modem based on DOCSIS1.1. This...

Authors: Qui Yun Wu, Xiang Hui Liu, Ning Jing

Abstract: A major challenge in sensor network is to preserve the coverage of the sensing network for the maximum possible time. When the density is...

Authors: Fan Xia Kong, De Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Super alloys is the ideal material for high temperature components although it has a great difficulty to cut, especially drilling. Minimum...

Authors: Hui Guo, Zhen Dong Zhang, Cong Bo Yin, Yue Dong Sun

Abstract: In this paper, a single fuel in-cylinder, direct injection compressed natural gas (CNG) engine was presented, which was modified form a 175F...

Authors: Zhao Xia Wu, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Bin Fu, Xian Ping Wei

Abstract: Monitoring systems based on fiber optic technology have proved to exhibit meaningful benefits when compared with the current solutions of an...


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