Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Bo Shao, Ke Ke Chen, Gui Tang

Abstract: Existing customer equity(CE) measurement models presume that market demand scale is constant and without considering the influence of...

Authors: Xing Cheng Pu, Fan Hai Zeng

Abstract: This article formulates and studies a model of Hybrid Impulsive and Switching Stochastic Systems (HISSS). Using integral Inequality、Ito...

Authors: Shuai Ren, Tao Zhang

Abstract: Propose a new image processing method which named Color Field Structure (CFS). The direction of CFS represents the information. Take...

Authors: Jin Long Xian, Jian Wu Li

Abstract: The EM iterative algorithm is a very general and popular algorithm that commonly used for missing data to find maximum likelihood in recent...

Authors: Jin Long Xian, Jian Wu Li

Abstract: The EM iterative algorithm is commonly used in recent years for missing data, which has the character of easy and popular applicability. But...

Authors: Xiao Wang

Abstract: This article is based on marching hydraulic pressure excavator, determine the manipulator and the mechanical arm’s plan through these...

Authors: Cai Ling Wang, Yu Shan Li, Xue Bin Liu, Bing Liang Hu, Cai Fang Liu

Abstract: Idealy, an interferogram is an even function of the path differences; it suffices to computer the cosine Fourier transform of the...

Authors: Chang Yin Gao, Wan Quan Li

Abstract: In order to increase the production quality and efficiency of the battery grid, the new type of continuous casting machine is designed in...

Authors: Xiao Mei Hu, Hong Xia Cai, Tao Yu

Abstract: In the Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE), there is a conflict between maintaining the state consistency and supporting more users...

Authors: Long Hao

Abstract: In this paper a novel web service composition approach based on improved genetic algorithm is proposed. Firstly the relative vector is...


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