Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Gan, Sha Liu, Wen Bo Zhu

Abstract: Analyze the ways to get fault information for heavy equipment fault diagnosis system, which are the control system of the device, layout...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Xiao Tao Wang, Bing Wang, Yue Hua Gao

Abstract: Human Skin Color(HSC) features have been widely used in video moving human positioning. However, in complex background video sequences, due...

Authors: Wan Qing Li, Mu Jie Chen, Wen Qing Meng

Abstract: An unascertained measure-entropy evaluation model for the program selection of shaft construction under complex conditions is established so...

Authors: Feng Feng, Sheng Yu Hou, Qi Xu

Abstract: With the rapid development and integration of Mobile communications, Internet and GIS technology, as well as the diversity of market demand,...

Authors: Long Hao

Abstract: The graph isomorphism problem is to study the relationship between two graphs which seem to be different, but essentially identically. A...

Authors: Jia Xin Liu, Shu Ting Yan, Jia Dong Ren

Abstract: At present, the existed incremental mining algorithms can not make full use of the results of the previous mining. When the support is...

Authors: Cai Xia Liu, Ying Qi Zhang

Abstract: This paper deals with finite-time control problem of a class of fuzzy discrete-time system with time-varying norm-bounded disturbance. ...

Authors: Xie Feng Cheng, Ye Wei Tao, Zheng Jiang Huang

Abstract: Based on principles of human heart auscultation and the associated signal processing technology, we designed and manufactured "a...

Authors: Jing Zhang, You Li

Abstract: Nowadays, face detection and recognition have gained importance in security and information access. In this paper, an efficient method of...

Authors: Shu Liang Li, Dan Wang, Le Zhang

Abstract: We propose an evolutionary model for weighted network according to characteristics of real-life network, and the weighted model integrates...


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