Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Li Han, Chun Ling Wei

Abstract: From the three aspects which conclude the strength and level, the function and the development condition of the competitive sports, it...

Authors: Yan Hong Qin, Guang Xing Wei

Abstract: Based on the analysis of concept and elements of mass customization which is mainly related to the area of production, the concept of mass...

Authors: Ai Hua Wu, Wen Lei Ge

Abstract: The paper discussed the relationships among specific human capital, information structure and innovation pattern. The organizational pattern...

Authors: Jing Wen Chen, Xiao Ping Sun

Abstract: As the last working procedure in the paper production process, re-winder control technology is crucial to the quality of finished paper...

Authors: Hong Wei Gao, Dong Li, Fu Guo Chen

Abstract: A stable image mosaics algorithm based on PSO and SIFT is proposed in this paper. It adopts SIFT operator to extract corner point feature...

Authors: Jun Li

Abstract: In many of the application areas for reasoning about knowledge, it is important to reason about the possibility of certain events as well as...

Authors: Wen Ling Song, Jing Pan, Yue Hong Gao

Abstract: This paper discussed the mechanism of adsorption of the petroleum sulfonate and heavy alkylbenzene sulfonate on reservoir sand mixed with...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Li Ming Chen

Abstract: A new method based on the integration of principal component analysis (PCA) and radial basic function (RBF) neural network is put forward...

Authors: Meng Tian, Hong Ling Geng

Abstract: This paper deals with the approximation properties of a rational cubic spline with quadratic denominator. The rational cubic spline has two...

Authors: Meng Tian, Hong Ling Geng

Abstract: In this paper, a rational cubic spline interpolation has been constructed using the rational cubic spline with quadratic denominator and the...


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