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Authors: Wen Jing Chen, Kan Shi
Abstract: Based on 360-degree feedback evaluation system, the authors tried to find out the answer for “Who" would be the assessor for team innovation. Two questionnaire surveys were carried out to collect the data from four different sources (team members, within-team leader, between-team supervisor and objective data) of 27teams with 169 participants. Data analysis showed that the data from team member is negative related to the objective data while the data from within-team leader are positively related to the objective data. And there is no significant relationship between the appraisal of between-team supervisor and the objective data. The authors analyzed the consistency and determined the weights of different evaluators for team innovation. Implications for future research and pragmatic ramifications for organizational practice are discussed in discussion.
Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Li Lin Chen, Hong Yan Nan, Hai Yan Wang
Abstract: The design of the casting process was obtained by traditional casting design method. The process was composed of the choice of the casting position and the determination of casting parameters and the design of the gating system. According to the structural characteristics of sheave and quality requirements, the sheave hub and rim were poured separately. In order to achieve progressive solidification, two insulated risers were laid on the top of the wheel, and some risers were placed on the top of the hot spot in the rim and cold iron was introduced near by the thick part of the wheel hub. Three-dimensional model of the casting was generated and the solidification process of the sheave was simulated by View Cast. The results showed that the hot spot areas in the rim and thick part of the wheel hub have frozen finally, and the shrinkage formed in those areas. According to the simulation results and analysis, the casting process program was optimized by increasing the size of riser and the thickness of cold iron. After simulated once again, the defects were transferred to risers. The defects were eliminated to the greatest extent and the progressive solidification was achieved. So the reasonable program of the casting process was obtained.
Authors: Jian Yu Bai, Zai He Yu, Senlin Tong, Di Zheng
Abstract: This paper first establishes formulas for the total momentum of a crank-slider mechanism with weight-balancing block via kinematic analysis, and then proposes an approach for completely balancing out the inertia forces within the mechanism based the method of linearly independent vectors. The proposed approach can be used to optimize the design of weight-balancing block used in pressing machine. The approach has been verified by computer simulations.
Authors: Yue Heng Xu, Ming Li Zhang, Sai Li Tang
Abstract: Little research has considered brand experience and relational benefit together in a single model. This study was designed to investigate how brand experience enhances relational benefit. Using a self-administered questionnaire survey, 182 effective respondents from college students were used for the study. In this paper, an integrated model was established through the inclusion of brand familiarity, brand image, brand personality. The study finds that brand experience could be positively associated with relational benefit indirectly and that brand familiarity, brand image and brand personality could serve as mediators between them. The finding suggests that practitioners better understand customers’ perceptions towards relational benefit and help them in developing marketing strategies to gain relationship with consumers.
Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Ru Jun Wang, Cheng Zhai, Qing Song Li
Abstract: Fixed valve trays have the advantages of low pressure drop, high efficiency, anti-fouling, simple structure, low manufacture cost and long runtime and therefore have been widely used abroad. This paper presents a new bilayer fixed valve (BFV) tray which has some improvements on traditional fixed valve trays. The hydrodynamic and mass transfer performance of BFV tray, sieve tray and F1 valve tray was experimentally studied with air-water-oxygen system in a 1.2m column. The results showed that the BFV tray possesses low pressure drop, high capacity, wide operating range and high efficiency.
Authors: Lian Min Cao, Guo Xiu Su, Qing Liang Zeng, Xing Yuan Xiao
Abstract: This paper mainly has carried on the analysis to the welding performance of high strength steel WH80, through the stretch and the bend test of manual welding rod, arc welding, the slanting y bevel weld crack test and the highest hardness test in welding heat-affected zone. It indicates that the WH80 steel has the good welding performance and is good material for hydraulic support.
Authors: Lian Jun Hu, Hong Song, Yi Luo, Xiao Hui Zeng, Bing Qiang Wang
Abstract: A controller based on fuzzy neural network is designed in the paper. Fuzzy neural networks are introduced into the information fusion of signals from sensors of an AS-R intelligent robot. Characteristic information of unknown environments acquired by ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors and vision sensors are fused together in order to eliminate uncertainty caused by single sensor. Therefore, precise environment information can be obtained and the fault tolerant capabilities of robots are improved. It is proved that intelligent robots adopting multi-sensor information fusing techniques have better real-time and robust characteristics according to simulation results.
Authors: Zhuang Liu, Zhi Yi Fang, Xu Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, a new method of handover process of moving vehicle mobile device is proposed in order to reduce the time delay caused by handover. A new monitor equipment is set in access network part to respond for reducing the time delay of handover by processing the security and authentication access for new session beforehand. Experiments of this work were done, and the result has proved that this method can reduce time delay of handover efficiently.
Authors: Shu Xia Ren, Ming Li Zhang, Sai Li Tang
Abstract: Companies are increasingly focusing on customer participation to create value for the firms and their customers. To date, evidence regarding the effects of customer participation as a marketing tool has been primarily anecdotal. Relying on customer behavior theory and marketing theory, we develop a framework that explores the effects of customer participation on service quality, customer satisfaction and customer value. On the basis of which, an SEM analysis was conducted on the personal development industry. The results show that information exchange, cooperative behaviors and personal interaction have positive effects on service quality, customer satisfaction and customer value. Based on the results, this study explains the practical and academic implications for companies promoting customer creative participation.
Authors: Dong Wu Liu, Zhi Wei Chen, Lei Xu, Zheng Jie Zhang, Bao Yu Ju, Wen Chao Cheng
Abstract: Ion chromatography (IC) has been developed for the simultaneous analysis of cations and anions in the water, food, atmosphere, etc. Chromatography can yield the precise and reproducible data if the experimental condition is kept constant. In the present studies, the major cations and anions in the tap water were determined with the technique of IC. A Dionex ICS-2000 ion chromatograph with a Dionex gradient pump, eluent degassing module and conductivity detector was used. Cations were separated on a CS12 A ion-exchange column, with a CG-12 A guard column, and detected after suppression with CSRS 300 cation electrical self-regenerating suppressor. Anions were separated on an AS 11 HC ion-exchange column, with an AS 11 HC guard column, and detected after suppression with an ASRS 300 anion electrical self-regenerating suppressor. The results indicated that the technique of IC was suitable for the rapid, precise and accurate determination of major cations and anions in the tap water samples. In addition, the acceptable detection limits were obtained for all the cations and anions, and the time of analysis was significantly shortened with the technique of IC.

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