Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jiang Zhang

Abstract: In view of the Huai Nan mining area deep mine Dingji mine fully mechanized mine head face low-index outburst suddenly extrusion the region...

Authors: Gen Fang Chen, Wen Jun Zhang

Abstract: OMR (Optical Music Recognition) is a technology for digital musical score image processing and recognition by computer, which has broad...

Authors: Jun Kang

Abstract: The Quality of performance of Networked control system (NCS) depends on the quality of network service. To guarantee the limit of quality of...

Authors: Xiao Ling Ke, Feng Qin Diao, Ke Jun Zhu

Abstract: Real estate investment is distinctively different from others with its high input capital, long period of recycling, huge fluctuation of...

Authors: Hong Lei Ma, Jian Hui Niu

Abstract: An energy saving residential building in Zhangjiakou was took as research object, which was designed and constructed according to the...

Authors: Zhi Wen Wang

Abstract: A proper total coloring of a simple graph G is called vertex distinguishing if for any two distinct vertices u and v in G, the set of colors...

Authors: Bin Liu, Hai Yan Liu, Fang Wang, Ming Jing Lu

Abstract: The electric power carrier communication is the special communicated way of electrical power system , one kind of double CPU, the low power...

Authors: Yuan Gang Wang, Jing Ling Bao, Hui Zhang, Ke Hua Zou

Abstract: Odorous pollution increasingly becomes a serious environmental and social problem. Due to its complexity and a wide range of sources,...

Authors: Shao Bing Yan, Ting Lv, Chun Qing Song, Wen Qi Zhu

Abstract: This paper makes an examination on the sensibility between top management incentive mechanism and performance of listed companies by taking...

Authors: Hong Ling Geng, Meng Tian

Abstract: The application of information technology in mathematics teaching has been a main direction in mathematics course reform all over the world....


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