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Authors: Xiu Chi Hu, Xiang Min Xu, Yu Dong Zhang, Bin Jie Li, Zhi Jun Zhang
Authors: Xiu Chi Hu, Lan Xia Zheng, Yang Yuan, Meng Lian
Abstract:Bad cutting state of sugar cane is a most situation in sugar cane cutting process, which seriously affects the cutting performance of...
Authors: Hua Tao Li, Xin Cheng Tian
Abstract:This paper presents an efficient and accurate direct interpolation algorithm for saddle curve formed by intersection of two tubes, an...
Authors: Bai Sheng Wang, Lie Sun, Zhi Wei Chang
Abstract:Considering that Hilbert-Huang Transformation (HHT) can be used to analyze instantaneous frequency in structural dynamic analysis, this paper...
Authors: Xiao Ying Cui, Hui Ming Li, Lei Wang
Abstract:Energy consumption induced by industry sector is the main source of carbon emission. So it is important to the policy making that research on...
Authors: Chun Mei Wu
Abstract:Nowadays, most of the Chinese college students acquire more about target language culture than their native culture. Judging from the...
Authors: Kai Li, Hong Tao Gao
Abstract:To improve the generalization performance for ensemble learning, a subgraph based selective classifier ensemble algorithm is presented....
Authors: Wen Hui Yang, Jing Wang, Lian Fen Huang
Abstract:The finite impulse response (FIR) filters in the space radiation environment probably face the single event upset (SEU), making unexpected...
Authors: Yong Chang Ren, Tao Xing, Xiao Ji Chen
Abstract:It’s important to improve the success rate and profit margins that establish a reasonable performance evaluation and weighting coefficient,...
Authors: Long Yu Li, Ming Lei Wang, Yong Liu, Yi Chang
Abstract:Proposed a method for System Fuzzy Control and Fault Diagnosis based on TRIZ theory. We got the method through the analysis of TRIZ matrix...
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