Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiao Long Yu, Ying Juan Li

Abstract: At present, China strongly advocated the development of recycle economy, while most studies are starting from the promotion of economic...

Authors: Feng Yang, Yong Xia Tao, Yun Yan Du, Run Lin Xiao

Abstract: In order to realize the integration and sharing for multi-source marine data, the paper took the visualization application of the...

Authors: Feng Yan Sun, Qing Mei Wang, Jian Jun Qu

Abstract: Carbon fiber(CF) and Kevlar fiber(KF) were used as reinforcing agents to fill Ekonol(EK) respectively. Mechanical and tribological...

Authors: Sheng Min Zhang, Wan Qiang Chu, Xin Fa Dong

Abstract: The paper introduces some effective methods to solve the problems of solid modeling with the software of AutoCAD. Make good use of views to...

Authors: Heng Lei, Ying Li

Abstract: In hydropower station in the operation of total with hydraulic transient process of the power station on the transition process analysis and...

Authors: Jin Song Gui, Zhi Gang Chen, Xiao Heng Deng

Abstract: In vehicular ad hoc networks, uncooperative behaviors will impact the reliability of comfort applications, as well as drivers’ decisions,...

Authors: Xiao Kui Liu

Abstract: The employing of multimedia in teaching has already become widespread because of its many advantages. In order to avoid boredom and...

Authors: Hao Ding, Kui Ping Liu, Wen Li You

Abstract: The key for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to implement target pursuit is to design high performance guidance law. The globose...

Authors: Shu Xu

Abstract: The central region is a large agricultural area in China, while the agricultural product logistics is on the stage of traditional logistics....

Authors: Ming Hui Li, Xian Kun Meng

Abstract: In the production scheduling model based on the traditional basis, from the multi-multi-objective optimization modeling to genetic...


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