Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Xia Tao, Jian Ling Tan

Abstract: Highly skilled capacity is the aim of vocational training about the course of hydropower building construction. Modern teaching methods have...

Authors: Xing Lin Yi, Xin Cheng Tian

Abstract: A saddle-shaped curve is formed by intersection of two tubes. This paper proposes a new saddle curve interpolation algorithm for automated...

Authors: Lei Wang

Abstract: According to the connotation of dematerialization, this paper states that dematerialization plays an important role in deepening the...

Authors: Hui Qun Ye, Ri Min Pan

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental analysis and theoretical research of piezoelectric stack actuators. The key is to understand...

Authors: Xiao Wu Mu, Yang Gao

Abstract: It is well known that integral input-to-output stability(IIOS) is weaker than input-to -output stability(IOS).In this paper,IIOS problems...

Authors: Xin Ye Li

Abstract: While K-Means algorithm usually gets local optimal solution, spectral clustering method can obtain satisfying clustering results through...

Authors: Yong Liu, Hong Ming Yu, Wen Xing Jian, Hao Tian

Abstract: Along with the construction of highways in our country, many highways are crossing the mountains. The excavation of those roads will form...

Authors: Bai Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses the damage identification using artificial neural network methods for the benchmark problem set up by IASC-ASCE Task...

Authors: Yun Da Hu

Abstract: A test-bed used to test electromagnetic eddy current retarder’s performance was designed. It can evaluate the connection of automobiles...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Ji Ti Zhou, Yu Ming Li, Hua Yang

Abstract: Effluent quality of vertical tube biological reactor (VTBR) was simulated by support vector machine. Average R2 of the...


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