Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Chen Guo, Qiong Song, Fu Wei Zhang

Abstract: The fault diagnosis for power transformer plays an important role in improving the safety and reliability for an electrical network....

Authors: Ling Fang Sun, Xiang Hua Meng, Fei Fei Zhang

Abstract: A new kind of frequency model reduction method is proposed for unstable processes with time delay based on genetic algorithm. By adopting...

Authors: Jing Li, Hong Pan, Shu Juan Zhang, Ling Fang Sun

Abstract: According to the single battery's series structure in the fuel cell stack, we develop an on-line fuel cell voltage monitoring system, and...

Authors: Yi Zheng, Chang Jia Chen

Abstract: Nowadays, as the amount of video and population in VoD system keeping fast growth, service provider often use p2p mechanism to alleviate...

Authors: Rong Fei Ma

Abstract: We propose a novel Biomechanics-based Responsive Balance Recovery (BRBR) technique for synthesizing realistic balance recovery animations....

Authors: Shang Fu Hao, Zhi Qiang Zhang, Ying Hui Wei

Abstract: Nowadays, the contents associated with deep score analysis is rarely involved in the existing secondary teaching management software, which...

Authors: Wei Dong Zhao, Jia Zhong Qian, Chun Yin Zhou

Abstract: In order to realize the 3D visualization of steep terrains like level terraces, a new Offset Line Method (OLM) -based visual method is put...

Authors: Jing Yang

Abstract: In 21st century, University students are at the pressure of study, employment, economy and interpersonal communication, thus brings in many...

Authors: Jing Yang

Abstract: Vocational selection is an important section of vocational value, and impact on the vocational selecting action for university students. In...

Authors: Zhi Bin Qin, Zhao Hui Liu, Ye Ying Peng

Abstract: Previously, factors affecting freeway network safety under all operational circumstances have been divided hierarchically. Consequently,...


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