Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Yong Duo Liu, Hui Zhou, Qing Song Li

Abstract: In this paper, a coke dry quenching gasification (CDQG) technology using coke oven gas (COG) and steam to quench the incandescent coke is...

Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Jun Li, Xue Nuan Liu, Qing Song Li

Abstract: In this paper, an energy-efficient heat coupled distillation column (HCDC) which is industrially viable is constructed for propylene–propane...

Authors: Bin Zeng, Lin Fang Li

Abstract: Although the grey forecasting model has been successfully adopted in various fields and has been demonstrated prospected aspect. The paper...

Authors: Bin Zeng, Wu Jun Zeng

Abstract: Although the GM(1,1) model has been successfully adopted in various fields and has been demonstrated promising prospect. The paper adopts...

Authors: Qi Sheng Zhang, Ming Deng, Qi Wang, Yong Qiang Feng, Rui Yang

Abstract: As an expendable profiler in marine environment, XCP (Expendable Current Profiler) is mainly to measure current speed, direction and...

Authors: Xiu Chi Hu, Lan Xia Zheng, Lei Jia, Xin Song

Abstract: A plow surface-soil system dynamic simulation model was established, through MathCAD and ANSYS/LS-DYNA, on which the dynamic simulation...

Authors: Xiu Chi Hu, Jian Zhong Zhang, Jun Hai Zhang, Lan Xia Zheng

Abstract: A type of tribometer for experimental study of tribological performance of journal bearings under micro-load was developed, which utilizes...

Authors: Ling Yi Zeng, Sheng Min Zhang, Xin Fa Dong

Abstract: The essay produces some experience and lessons as to skills competition of college students of China universities. It points out that it is...

Authors: Ze Ying Yang, Xi Bin Zhang, Jian Bo Qu

Abstract: According to Dawenkou bridge, a seriously deteriorated rigid-frame arch bridge, typical deteriorations of rigid-frame arch bridges were...


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