Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Shi Tai, Lin Tong Wang

Abstract: A new schiffbase ligand, methyl-2-pyridyl ketone benzoyl hydrazone (L), and its complexes with rare earth nitrates have been synthesized....

Authors: Ye Li, Zhen Lu, Yong Jie Pang

Abstract: A strong tracking filter based on suboptimal fading extended Kalman filter was proposed to ensure the perception for the motion state of...

Authors: Xi Shi Tai, Lin Tong Wang

Abstract: The reaction of 2-acetyl-2'-chloroacetanilide (L) with rare earth nitrates in CH3CH2OH followed by recrystallization...

Authors: Zhi Hui Sun, Jun Hai Ma

Abstract: Based on domestic and international study, this paper proposes an innovative Bertrand model and discusses its complex dynamics...

Authors: Jun Hai Ma, Qi Zhang

Abstract: This article selects the data of 28 hotel and tourism enterprises on A-shares in china. The investment risk early-warning system...

Authors: Jing Bu, Ning Qiang Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, the analytical formulations among the damping factor and the other parameters are studied by Melnikov method for the classic...

Authors: Guang Nian Yang, Wei Qi, Jun Zhou

Abstract: Now, our sewage treatment industry mainly depends on the blower of aeration act as metabolic, absorbed in the toxic substances. Blower...

Authors: Qi Jing, Yong Qing Huang, Yan Gan Zhang, Xue Guang Yuan, Ping Li

Abstract: We propose a new automatic optical polarization demultiplexing method for NRZ-OOK and RZ-OOK polarization division multiplexed (PDM) system....

Authors: Man Yin Hu, Yi Jing Jin, Xiu Hong Wang, Yu Sun

Abstract: With the use of energy, the pollution is more and more serious. As the largest pollution family, coal-fired power plant must control the...

Authors: Xu Yang Wang

Abstract: Formal concept analysis and rough set theory provide two different methods for data analysis and knowledge processing. Knowledge reduct in...


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