Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Zhao, Hong Zhao, Rui Zhang

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of process planning, an CAPP system is developed according to the complexity and particularity of process design...

Authors: Hui Deng, Zhang Li

Abstract: Nowadays, the condition monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis methods research of the needling loom in our country is still a blank....

Authors: Fa Jiang He, Ming Hong Wang, Yue Wang

Abstract: For the multi specification and small batch productions, because of small batch and short manufacture cycle of product, it is difficulty to...

Authors: Lian Min Cao, Qing Liang Zeng, Xing Yuan Xiao

Abstract: The paper mainly analyses the vibration of air compressor house in colliery, chooses the reasonable vibration-resistance measures and...

Authors: Lu Shi, Xin Ma

Abstract: The decision models of closed loop supply chain for scrapped medical equipment that is composed of one medical equipment manufacturer and...

Authors: Jing Mu, Yuan Li Cai, Jun Min Zhang

Abstract: The square root cubature particle filter (SRCPF) uses the square root cubature Kalman filter (SRCKF) for generating the proposal...

Authors: Xiao Hui Li, Qing Mei Tan

Abstract: In response to heavy demand for emergency logistics, an approach based on hierarchical network theory is introduced to solve the complexity...

Authors: Ye Zhou, Hui He, Yan Feng Wang

Abstract: The emission of greenhouse gases leading to global climate warming has caused widespread concern on the part of governments worldwide....

Authors: Ming Wang Shi

Abstract: Wheat sharp eyespot is an important plant disease of wheat roots. To improve the accuracy of prediction of this disease and to control the...

Authors: Jian Guo Yang, Wei Ma

Abstract: In order to know about the change of concrete stress and internal forces during the construction period of one highway tunnel, to evaluate...


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