Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Jie Dong, Sheng Jie Ma, Qi Xiao Sun, Liang Zhang

Abstract: The electrostatic discharge detonating gas simulation experiment system based on Nios II is developed in this paper.This system uses...

Authors: Guan Hua Zhao, Wen Wen Yan

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of financial achievement, this paper applies a new forecast model of the Increased memory type least...

Authors: Na Lin, Zhi Xue Shao, Xiang Yu Chen

Abstract: Unlike traditional routing schemes that route all traffic along a single path, multipath routing strategies split the traffic...

Authors: Yang Fan Gao, Feng Yan Zhai, Hui Ye, Li Zhang

Abstract: It was results show that nicosulfuron and Atrazine with the different ratio have the synergized action to plants of the monocotyledon and...

Authors: Wei Ya Shi

Abstract: In this paper, we propose algorithm based reinforcement learning for spiking neural networks. The algorithm simulates biological...

Authors: Lan Jing Wang

Abstract: With the development of information carriers and information recording means, non-book materials have experienced considerable changes in...

Authors: Shan Wang

Abstract: A method based on neural-network is developed and applied to analyze the DSPSL filter design. Through the neural network analysis of...

Authors: Shan Wang

Abstract: SIR (Stepped impedance resonator) for its features in microwave design, it is paid more and more attention. The harmonic and fundamental...

Authors: Guang Chao Du

Abstract: Due to the low level of overvoltage withstand and over-current withstand, the overvoltage caused by direct lightning stroke, lightning-wave...

Authors: Xin Chun Wang, Yu Bo Jiang

Abstract: The evolving rule includes random attachment and preferential attachment and so on. It forms different network formation by different...


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