Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Lu

Abstract: Based on a kind of new intelligent controller for industrial Ethernet: ICIE (Intelligent Controller for Industrial Ethernet), this paper...

Authors: Chun Hong Chai, Shuai Tian He

Abstract: In this thesis we draw fuzzy mathematic methods into the diagnosis of failures of WP-jet engine ability, bring forward setting up the fuzzy...

Authors: Jie Hu, Ling Han, Hao Jie Liu, Qing Fang Gao

Abstract: This article introduces applications of 3S, Geographical Information System (GIS), Global Position System (GPS) and Remote Sensing (RS), in...

Authors: Qiang Fu, Xue Jun Xie, Pin Guo Zou, Zhi Li, Yi Hua Qian

Abstract: The mechanism of oil flow electrification in transformers was described in this paper. The mechanism of oil flow electrification in...

Authors: Zai Ping Chen, Feng Wang, Chao Jia

Abstract: As a typical application layer protocol of CAN-bus, CANopen has been widely accepted in many fields. In this paper, CanFestival, which is a...

Authors: Li Xi Zhang, Shi Yuan Gao, Qing Yuan He, He Fei Zhang

Abstract: It is studied the collected heat by collectors fixed on the outside wall of balconies when the shape and direction of balconies, and...

Authors: Long Hao

Abstract: To support automated Web service composition, it is compelling to provide a template, or model that dictates the ways in which services can...

Authors: Li Yong Chen, Xiu Ye Yin

Abstract: With the rapid development of China's telecom industry, the management of domestic enterprises are constantly changing. Operate method was...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Xu Hui Ma, Xiu Ye Yin

Abstract: With the development of technology, the power system of offshore facilities (for short: power system) is increasingly complex, short-circuit...

Authors: Shu Juan Dong

Abstract: The degree-constrained Euclidean Steiner minimal tree problem was discussed based on the Euclidean Steiner minimal tree with each original...


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