Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo He

Abstract: Most of Web data mining systems did not construct user profiles and could not support personalized Web data mining. Aiming at the...

Authors: Jiu Liang Xiong, Zhuang Zhi Han, Hong Xu

Abstract: Intermittent target tracking (ITT) method is proposed based on radar network theory to keep the tracking precision while resisting...

Authors: Bo He

Abstract: Most distributed algorithms of mining global frequent itemsets worked on net structure network and adopted Apriori-like algorithm. Whereas...

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Jin Zhi Zhang, San Lei Lv, Ping Wang

Abstract: Wear behaviour of aged casting Cu-Al-Fe-Be and Cu-Al-Fe-Ni aluminum bronzes was studied in this paper. The microstructures, mechanical...

Authors: Hong Sheng Xu, Jia Song

Abstract: Variable precision rough set (VPRS) model and formal concept analysis are studied in this paper, include algorithm of reduction attribute...

Authors: Yue Fen Wang

Abstract: This paper diagnoses institutional culture of state-owned forestry enterprises. Then, it reconstructs and fosters institutional culture for...

Authors: Cheng Li Zhao, Yan Heng Liu, Zhi Heng Yu, Hui Li

Abstract: In order to evaluate the survivability of networked information system effectively, this paper presents a method of combining grey relation...

Authors: Lian Jun Hu, Hong Song, Xiao Hui Zeng, Wei Li

Abstract: A control system for service robots based on a 32-bit ARM processor with kernel S3C2410 is proposed. The entire structure of the control...

Authors: Yu Ling Tian, Xing Fang Yuan

Abstract: In order to reduce the fault detection rate and improve the self-adaptive capability in network fault detection, an artificial immune...

Authors: Xi Juan Guo, Lei Chang, Yan Li Gao

Abstract: The overlay algorithm is an important branch in computational geometry field, it is an important process for computing exact Minkowski sum...


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