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Authors: Kun Shang, Kai Zhang
Abstract:Deadlock is a common problem in concurrent processing where two or more processes compete for resources in mutually exclusive way to access...
Authors: Kun Shang, Kai Zhang
Abstract:This paper has explored the design of three-dimensional imaging sonar software and its application to the hardware platform. In the process...
Authors: Wen Ming Cao, Xiong Feng Li, Mao Wei Wang
Abstract:An important issue in deploying a WSN is to provide target coverage with high energy efficiency and fault-tolerance. Sensor nodes in a...
Authors: Lian Qing Fu, Li Sheng Yang, Ya Ning Ma, Tao Wang
Abstract:In order to enhance the capability of anti-jamming and Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) of radar system, spread spectrum signals are...
Authors: Mao Yue Li, Hong Ya Fu, Zhen Yu Han
Abstract:To improve production quality and reduce machining time, machining parameters need to be monitored and adjusted automatically in milling. An...
Authors: Xue Wen Xia, Zeng Gang Xiong, Zhi Ming Li
Abstract:A simple image restoration scheme based on watermark is proposed in this paper. In the watermark scheme, an image is divided into...
Authors: Jie Hu, Ling Han, Qing Fang Gao, Peng Jun Liu
Abstract:Fractal theory was used to study the rules of Yellow River’s food happening. The author put forward a method, grid method, to calculate the...
Authors: Nan Zhang, Jin He Wang
Abstract:This paper describes hardware design with mechatronics method for gene PCR Probes and analyzes its sub-channels. The temperature sensor is...
Authors: Wei Lu
Abstract:This paper researches on a simulation model based on the physical process, which is consisting in modeling and simulation.
Authors: Wei Lu
Abstract:This paper is based on the theories of consumer market segmentation. With the use of Cluster Analysis and regarding the characters of media...
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