Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Huy Wang

Abstract: Extending the investigations on (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3-based solid solution for lead-free piezoelectric ceramics,...

Authors: Xing Yang, Yong Shun Ling, Xiao Li Hao, Hua Yang, Peng Ma

Abstract: In order to realize anti-alteration function for License Plate Recognition System (LPRS), a uniform-field imaging system is designed and a...

Authors: Zi Long Wang, Hua Zhang, Hai Tao Zhang

Abstract: Solar photovoltaic technology is one of main approach to the scale utilization of renewable energy, but it is still limited by its high cost...

Authors: An Jiang Cai, Shi Hong Guo, Zhao Yang Dong, Hong Wei Guo

Abstract: High efficient cutting process technique is one of the main development directions of cutting process technology in the future, a reasonable...

Authors: Song Jiang Ma, Nian Fen Wu, Fang Wen Li, Juan Yang, Mei Ling Fu, Hai Wu Jia, Jing Xiao

Abstract: Based on the pretreatment including acidification, purification and sodium ion exchange, the crude sepiolite was modified by microwave...

Authors: Zhi Liu

Abstract: The Canonical TSVD method is a kind of robust regularization method. In this paper, we first applied the Canonical TSVD method to finding...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang, Gang Chang Ji, Qing Yu Chen, Xue Fei Du, Wei Fu

Abstract: Thermally sprayed carbide-based cermet coatings are being widely used for a variety of wear resistance applications. These coatings...

Authors: Hai Jun He, Ji Ping Hao, Xian Lei Cao

Abstract: The seismic performance of K-shape eccentrically frames were researched by cyclic loading test method, in order to understand earthquake...

Authors: Guang Hui Xue, Xiang Song Yu, Pu Sheng Liu

Abstract: Considering the structure of some diesel engine cylinder head, its 3-D solid model and the finite element model is built, and after the load...

Authors: Bin Huang, Ke Xing, Kazem Abhary, Sead Spuzic

Abstract: The primary purpose of this study is to develop a genetic algorithm based computer-aided roll pass optimal design (CAROD) system to support...


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