Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Min He, Qiang Liu, Yun Lin, Xiao Long Zhang

Abstract: The horizontally vibrating conveyor (HVC) is excited by a exciting implement with four shafts which have eccentric quality, and the materiel...

Authors: Er Bao, Hong Ying Hu, De Yong Liu

Abstract: To reduce the angular velocity fluctuation of the input shaft to a machine, we deduced that a machine under the combined action of the...

Authors: Qing Xin Ding, Kun Liang Hui, Jian Wen Chen, Juan Chen, Ying Cheng Tian, Jia Yu

Abstract: The boom is one of main load bearing parts for the excavator operation; accordingly, it is very important to make the strength calculation....

Authors: Chern Hwa Chen, Yung Chang Cheng, Shun Chin Yang, Yuh Yi Lin, Cheng Hsin Chang, Jiin Po Yeh, Che Yun Yang

Abstract: Based on the heuristic nonlinear creep model, the nonlinear coupled differential equations of the motion of a 12 degree-of-freedom (12-DOF)...

Authors: Yue Chen Duan, Ding Guo Zhang

Abstract: The rigid-flexible coupling dynamics of a radially rotating flexible beam with impact is investigated in this paper. The transversal...

Authors: Kai An Yu, Ke Yu Chen

Abstract: Based on requirements of pipe transport systems on deepwater pipelaying vessel, a new pipe lifting mechanism was designed. It was composed...

Authors: Guo Liang Chen, Xiao Yang Chen

Abstract: This article describes the clutch release bearings research on the separation of research methods and characteristics of the bearings...

Authors: Tian Hu Liu

Abstract: A mechanical litchi picking process using a cut-clamp combined picker was modeled. A minimum clamping velocity model is required to ensure...

Authors: Jun Tang, Xiao Diao Huang, Cheng Gang Fang

Abstract: SKZT3500 NC rotary table adopts constant-current hydrostatic bearing and unloading guide two sets of hydraulic system. Aiming at the...

Authors: Zheng Hao Ge, Wei Hua Liu, Wei Huang, Yi Qu

Abstract: On the basis of the CAD/CAM design system of parallel indexing cam mechanism which is developed successfully based on VC environment, use it...


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