Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Jing Tao Han, Jing Liu, Wan Hua Yu, Hui Feng Wang

Abstract: Healing processing of the samples of a 45 steel was carried out. The healing area of inner cracks in the sample made by method “Drilling –...

Authors: Hong Chen, Jian Chun Peng, Gang Xu

Abstract: For improving fast-start performance of underwater propeller, the robot fish with high maneuverability is developed using the fish-like...

Authors: Zhen Ping Liu, Shu Lian Liu, Shui Ying Zheng

Abstract: As non-contact seal, labyrinth seal is widely used in rotor system of high speed. However, with the development of turbo-machinery toward...

Authors: Zhi Su Zhao, Xing Hua Zhang

Abstract: In order to foresee the influence of random processing errors on geometric curve in design stage, meanwhile including success and failure...

Authors: Zhi Rong Li, Hong Bing Wang, Hai Xu, Chao Chen

Abstract: A V-shaped linear ultrasonic motor with a stator and a slider has been developed. The stator consists of two orthogonal Langevin actuators...

Authors: Chang Wei Liu, Xiao Gang Zhao, Cheng Yang Wang, Xiao Hui Yu, He Jia, Shuang Wang, Da Ming Wang, Dong Yang, Yun Liang Wang

Abstract: To prepare novel polyimides with enhanced thermal stability and low melt viscosity, a novel three-branched phenylethynyl-terminated imide...

Authors: Yao Hui Zhang, Hai Long Wang

Abstract: In China, the 64-type rush-repair steel girder developed in 1964 has played a huge role in the railway and highway transportation...

Authors: Bing Shao

Abstract: The pressures and the temperatures in compression chambers are analyzed, and a load model including the pressure loads and the temperatures...

Authors: Chang Rong Liao, Li Juan Fu, Ying Yang

Abstract: A Magneto-rheological(MR) fluid damper based on squeeze model is put forward. The squeeze flow differential equation is obtained. Navier...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhao, Jie Yang, Xi Qiu Fan

Abstract: A kind of sulfate-reducing bacteria was isolated from the actual marine environment, cultured and enriched for phylogenetic analysis by...


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