Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Xun Yin, Zong He Guo, Rong Jiang Cui

Abstract: A new type of variable topology parallel tire building drum mechanism was presented in this paper and the solid model of the mechanism was...

Authors: Chun Sheng Liu, De Gen Li, Xiao Ping Chen

Abstract: Due to shearer drum suffers a very complex load,the traditional theoretical algorithm of cutting resistance is difficult to satisfy the...

Authors: Xi Gui Tao, Sho Hong Li, Jiang Yu, Er Bing Li

Abstract: High strength and water stability earth consolidator (HEC) is a kind of hydraulic cementing material. In order to get mechanics and contact...

Authors: Yehia Abdel Nasser, Aly Aliraqi, Bader El Din Ali

Abstract: Structural design of ships against collision requires prediction of the extent of damage to stiffened plates subjected to impact. In ship...

Authors: Qing Zhong He, Jia Wang, Ming Chao Wang

Abstract: Flail knife is one consumable part of aluminum scrap impact crusher made in Germany. In order to lower production cost, localized production...

Authors: Ming Lei Zhao

Abstract: The printing quality is decided by the ink system, which is heavy and complicated in offset press. Structure optimization and parameter...

Authors: Shi Wu Li, Jing Jing Tian, Zhi Fa Yang, Hai Zheng Wang, Lin Hong Wang

Abstract: To analyze the relationship of brake performances and its influence factors, a kind of tire drum test-bed was designed. The gradation...

Authors: Lan Cui Shi, Min Xu

Abstract: In this paper, we initially inspected the carbon storage changes of wood materials in manufacturing process combined energy consumption and...

Authors: Liang Yih Liu, Hsiung Cheng Lin

Abstract: In this paper, the contact force control of a constrained one-link flexible arm is fully investigated using a linear distributed parameter...

Authors: Zhong Hu Jia, Yang Tao, Zhi Qiang Hou, Xiao Hong Zheng

Abstract: The article puts forward a method for calculating the arresting force of carrier aircraft in the case the aircraft meets the cable...


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