Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jie Wang, Ran Xue, Wen Chao Guo

Abstract: Influenced by the geometry and boundary condition’s complexity of the model, as to the heat conductor with complicated shape or non-linear...

Authors: Ming Yan, Le Tang, Peng Zheng, Shi Jie Wang

Abstract: To improve the reliability effectively, the reliability sensitivity method is researched with considering that a mechanical system or...

Authors: Guang Hui Zhao, Zheng Liang, Fa Guang Jiang, Jia Lin Tian, Liang Zhang

Abstract: K-type derrick of inclined drilling rig that is top driving is usually loaded by axial compression, lateral force and concentrated torque...

Authors: Da Qian Zhang, Wei Tao Zhao, Lian Fang Qin

Abstract: Theories of transfer function are use to describe how to calculate random response of vehicle skeleton under road spectrum in this paper....

Authors: Shi Lin Feng

Abstract: Statistic is used to calculate the reliability and maintainability of the modern aerotransport line maintance. The reliability index and the...

Authors: Xin Hua Li, Jian Zhou, Yi Zhang, Ling Dai

Abstract: This article takes the tower crane jib as the optimized object, in view of the jib unique feature, and has established the jib quality...

Authors: Wei Tao Zhao, Dong Lin Yao, Wei Ping Zhang

Abstract: Based on reliability analysis theory, traditional interval reliability analysis method is improved by take the smaller value of probability...

Authors: Ye Cheng, Cui Ying Zhou, Jin Rong Xie, Lin Chong Huang, Jian Hua Wen

Abstract: Response surface methods are often used to solve reliability analysis problems of complex engineering structure. But the solved reliability...

Authors: Jiang Long, Wei An Jiang

Abstract: There is a growing need for improving manufacturing equipments availability to achieve high levels of productivity. As a key complement to...

Authors: Wen Qin Han, Jin Yu Zhou

Abstract: It is the common characteristic of most engineering systems that failure statistical correlation of elements exists in the fatigue happened...


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