Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Gao, Chen Yang Zhang

Abstract: In order to simply and accurately measure the realistic motion of balls in a ball bearing, a method called the static oblique coordinates is...

Authors: Bao Yan Wang, Xin Gang Wang, Li Sha Zhu, Hao Lu

Abstract: Time-dependent reliability sensitivity design is discussed based on time-dependent reliability model, combining reliability optimization...

Authors: Qing Xin Ding, Ying Cheng Tian, Juan Chen, Jian Wen Chen, Kun Liang Hui, Hai Wen Yin

Abstract: Fatigue is one of the most common failure mode in hydraulic excavator boom. To find the most fatigue dangerous operating state of boom and...

Authors: Zhao Xia Cui, Heng Jie Du, Yu Zhu Zhao, Si Jia Guo

Abstract: The rapid growth of municipal solid waste (MSW) brings huge social and environmental pressures to our country, the treatment method of...

Authors: Yue Zeng Xu, Fan Jiang

Abstract: The design of the fast flood discharge equipment structure with displacement reached 0.5×104m3/h is given, which is...

Authors: Fu Zhou Feng, Wei Xing, Ai Wei Si, Guang Ping Wu

Abstract: Reliability of equipment has long been considered as an important quality characteristic. Traditional methods of equipment reliability...

Authors: Xin Gang Wang, Bao Yan Wang, Li Sha Zhu, Hao Lu

Abstract: The variation rules of strength, load, and reliability of mechanical components are studied with a change in time, and a model is...

Authors: Yu Jiong Gu, Si Yuan Zhao, Kun Liang Chen, Kun Yang

Abstract: In view of which the state of equipment cannot be obtained accurately in real-time, a new method of state evaluation is proposed in this...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Ji Ke Liu

Abstract: We present a new response surface based stochastic finite element method to obtain solutions for general random uncertainty problems using...

Authors: Wei Bin Wu, Tian Sheng Hong, Chileshe Joseph Mwape, Hao Biao Li

Abstract: In an automobile, a stable and durable alternator is extremely important. Based on the basic characteristics of the alternators now on the...


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