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Authors: Geng Jun Zhu, Yun Shi Xiao, Xiu Shan Cai
Abstract:The stabilization problem of nonlinear systems with Hopf bifurcations is studied in this paper. The link between a feedback law and a center...
Authors: Ji Zhuang Hui, Wei Wang, Ya Ke Zou, Jie Cao
Abstract:In the paper, the housing of a specific type of sheet-metal type hydraulic torque converter is modeled and simplified by means of three...
Authors: Ling Qiang Yang, Xu Cong Liu
Abstract:Through more than 30 Km field survey in an important project of diversion water, there were many samples been taken from channel concrete...
Authors: Wei Xiang Wang, You Lin Shang, Lian Sheng Zhang
Abstract:A generalized filled function method is developed in this paper to solve nonsmooth constrained global optimization problem. Theoretical...
Authors: Zhong Liang Deng, Ling Fang, Yu Jia Zhu, Wen Long Liu, Lian Ming Xu
Abstract:In this paper, an improved Kalman filter algorithm was proposed by two kinds of anti-perturbation method which were derived according to the...
Authors: Jun Hui Yin, Jian Zheng, Chang Zhi Jia, Chao Xiong
Abstract:A new experimental project was adopted for the special hot-work of pure Cu, which used the execrable condition of high-temperature and...
Authors: Chang Jun Li, Xia Wu, Wen Long Jia, Ke Xi Liao
Abstract:Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipeline has good characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-scaling and it is widely used in the oil...
Authors: Wei Zou, Hui Fang, Yi Dan Bao, Yong He
Abstract:Hyperspectral imaging (400-1000nm) and artificial neural network (ANN) techniques were investigated for the detection of nitrogen content...
Authors: Guang Lin He, Xiao Lin Li
Abstract:Aerodynamic design rules of unconventional layout loitering aircraft against the issue of stall in low speed flight were proposed in this...
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