Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Song

Abstract: Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is a non-destructive testing method used to inspect ferrous materials. However, there are a variety of factors...

Authors: Zhong Hai Li, Dan Liu, Jian Guo Cui, Shen Li

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the character of target detecting and tracking algorithm, referencing the successful application of embedded...

Authors: Qiang Song

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the problem of automatic inspection of hot-rolled plate surface using computer vision. An automated visual...

Authors: Chun Tao Man, Jia Cui, Xin Xin Yang, Jun Kai Wang, Tian Feng Wang

Abstract: The batch reactor has strong nonlinearity and hysteresis, the conventional control method is hard to meet the control requirements....

Authors: Jing Li, Xi Zhang, Yao Bao Yin

Abstract: Pressure reducing and control is the key technology in hydrogen transmission for fuel cell cars. A double step system with two direct...

Authors: Zhen Hua Qin, Xiong Xiong He

Abstract: A robust adaptive terminal sliding mode control(SMC) algorithm is developed for the trajectory control of the rigid manipulators. The upper...

Authors: Xi Zhang, Jing Li, Yao Bao Yin

Abstract: Thermal analysis of aircraft hydraulic systems is an important subject for system’s design. Heat generation and dissipation of aircraft...

Authors: Yan Hong Liu, Ze Quan Liu

Abstract: This study aims to create a college English coursebook corpus of coursebooks widely used in universities in China to form the basis of an...

Authors: Zheng Yao, Zhao Hua Wang

Abstract: The complexity of modern equipment is higher than before, thus it cannot meet the need of speedy fault diagnosis to use single diagnosis...

Authors: Li Xi Zhang, Li Xi Zhang, He Fei Zhang

Abstract: A new process of low temperature triple-effect distillation desalination is designed. Firstly, the appropriate effect number is determined....


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