Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiung Bin Chin

Abstract: This paper aimed at the rich hot spring resources and relevant industries were regarded as one major domain worth further developing in...

Authors: Li Ping Cao, Yin Bin Jin, Hong Zang, Lin Yang

Abstract: Unidirectional conduction block of cardiac excitation wave is one of the necessary conditions leading to initiation of reentrant arrhythmia....

Authors: Jin Wang, Shu Sheng Li, Xin Lin Li, Jing Jing Xin

Abstract: This paper introduces virtual instrument and labVIEW technology, compares LabVIEW with text programming language, analyzes its advantages in...

Authors: Shao Rang Wang, Liu Gang, Yu Na Li

Abstract: With the development of organ building in universities, we’ll find the incentive is not sufficient. Though there are many kinds of forms,...

Authors: Lin Lei, Hou Jun Wang

Abstract: Built-in Test (BIT) technique is a important equipment in complex electronic system. In this paper, the CAN bus based on intelligent...

Authors: Shuang Chen, Jun Wang

Abstract: CBR(Case-based reasoning)is an important research direction of artificial intelligence field,which start a new way for it. The mine hoist...

Authors: Fang Fang Liang, Yong Liu, Xi Yan Wu, Gang Yao

Abstract: Characters on license plate, which is obscured by water or mist, is hard to be recognized through classical license plate recognition...

Authors: Jiang Tao Yu, Jun Xie, Ning Ning Meng, Peng Lin

Abstract: With the improving of reservoir development level, reservoir geologic research urgently need some new and practical technical methods to...

Authors: Qing Hua Gao, Jie Wang, Ming Lu Jin

Abstract: The particle filter (PF) algorithm provides an effective solution to the non-linear and non-Gaussian filtering problem. However, when the...

Authors: Zhi Hong Liang, Qin Liang Lin

Abstract: The physical gap is a kind of security protection products that can guarantee information security by disconnecting the connections between...


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