Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yan Zou

Abstract: Climate-Change (Global warming) is the central point on the current agenda of the international environmental policy. This paper proposes a...

Authors: Si Qi Zhang, Shu Wen Zhou, Guang Yao Zhao

Abstract: Because of the high speed and insufficient stopping distance, a sudden obstacle will force the vehicle to perform a lane change maneuver to...

Authors: Da Xing Qian, Hong Yu Wang, Fang Lin Niu

Abstract: The bit stream extraction plays an important role in Scalable Video Coding (SVC) [1]. However, one downside of current video coding methods...

Authors: Hong Wei Gao

Abstract: In this paper, notion of vector-valued multiresolution analysis is introduced. So does the notion of orthogonal vector-valued wavelets A...

Authors: Qi Zhang, Xiao Ying Wang, Da Wei Zhang, Tao Du, Jiu Ju Cai

Abstract: Energy management system (EMS) will be one of energy-saved technologies for iron and steel route. The paper analyzes EMS structure and...

Authors: Li Jie Wang, Jun Sheng Yang, Bo Sun, Xiao Dong Tian

Abstract: A composite coating was prepared on Ti-6Al-4V surface by the combination of nitriding, Mo-sputtering and sulfurizing treatments. The...

Authors: Jing Hu, Xiao Xing Li, Kwan Soo Chung, Rao Yao

Abstract: We present a study on spring-back prediction in the stretching bending process using the Chaboche model combined isotropic-kinematic...

Authors: Jie Yu, Guo Xiang Yao, Wei Wei Zhang

Abstract: As the surging development of the information technology, Intrusion Detection System has been devised for the safety of computer network....

Authors: Cha Xiu Guo, Xin Li Wei

Abstract: Pipe elbows are the most critical components in any piping system. However, the earlier experiments on cracked elbows were focused mainly on...

Authors: Tong Qi Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we propose the notion of vector-valued multiresolution analysis and the vector-valued mutivariate wavelet wraps with...


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