Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Fan, Wei Dong Meng, Yu Yu Li

Abstract: Assuming that ATO (assemble-to-order) supply chain is composed of multiple components suppliers and one manufacturer, who adopts JIT...

Authors: Yong Yue Zhu, Yi Nan Su, Yong Qing Chen

Abstract: In the context of e-commerce boom, network entrepreneurship education carried out by some universities in China plays an important and...

Authors: Zhao Feng Wang, Xu Dong Wang, Fu Bin Liu, Guo Bin Li, Man Yao

Abstract: In production process of continuous casting slab in ferrous metallurgy, in order to realize soft reduction and obtain continuous casting...

Authors: Qi Jing, Yong Qing Huang, Yang An Zhang, Ming Lun Zhang, Li Dong Mei

Abstract: A new automatic optical polarization demultiplexing method for NRZ-OOK polarization division multiplexed (PDM) system is proposed. The...

Authors: Hong Lei Ma, Jian Hui Niu

Abstract: According to climatic characteristics of Zhangjiakou, energy saving rates of residential building which were generated respectively by heat...

Authors: Min Xu, Pan Pan Yang, Jie Ma

Abstract: Knowledge community detection algorithm is a main technical means to knowledge discovery in complex network. It is used to discover the...

Authors: Yan Fei Zhang, Jin Liang Gong, Xiu Ting Wei

Abstract: On one hand, parallel machine tool enjoys many advantages over conventional serial counterpart, on the other hand, it also suffers from the...

Authors: He Ping Zhong

Abstract: This paper studies the impact of organizational slack on the performance of material production and processing firms by using empirical...

Authors: Qing Wen Sun, Liu Huai

Abstract: Research on the account sale only focused on account sale itself, and it can’t support enterprises sufficiently to make decision of account...

Authors: Zhi Ling Liao, Dong Xu, Zhong Qi Song, Yan Jie Xu

Abstract: Aiming at the demerit of the traditional flux coupling driving circuit, an improved driving circuit is proposed which has some advantages,...


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