Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Zhang, Ye Wen Cao

Abstract: As the core of routing protocols, route selection algorithm plays the key role in the scenario of quick mutability of the network topology....

Authors: Zhong Min Wan, Zheng Kai Tu, Jing Liu

Abstract: A novel porous micro heat sink system is presented for thermal management of high power LEDs, which has high heat transport capability....

Authors: Li Juan Chen, Xiang Jun Zou, Bing Bing Chen, Yan Chen, Jing Li, Hai Xin Zou, Jun Tao Xiong

Abstract: There are most important features hiding in the higher-order statistics information of the images. They are extracted by classical...

Authors: Yu Hu, Tao Zhou

Abstract: In the new trend of informatization and networking in development of household equipments, this paper designs a smart home security system...

Authors: Lian Qi Zhu

Abstract: This paper collected attribute data of impacting soil erosion factors by RS and GIS, combined soil erosion model, got load and density of...

Authors: Zhong Hai Li, Shen Li, Jian Guo Cui, Dan Liu

Abstract: The SIFT feature matching can overcome the influence of revolve and scale. It can recognize runway effectively under the complex flight...

Authors: Yan Li, Hui Fan He, Yong Liu, Biao Dan Zhao

Abstract: In order to make more uniform wheel wear, save production and reduce production costs, we improve the production process and optimize the...

Authors: Zhi Cheng Chen, Huan Qi, Lu Yao

Abstract: Cruising condition is the crucial condition for cruising endurance of conventional submarine, therefore, the reliability research on...

Authors: Zheng Hui Yi, Jin Ling Tian

Abstract: With GIS spatial application model, from the angles of space developing and changing, explore the motion and change rules of urban...

Authors: Ju Ning Su, Chuan Fang Shi, Na Zhang

Abstract: How to improve the logistics service quality is one of significant problems for logistics alliance which formed by manufacturing enterprise...


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