Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Zhang, Kun Shang

Abstract: This paper is mainly concerned about the theoretical argument from Software design, which is based on underwater acoustic remote-control...

Authors: Xin Qiao Xiao, Xiao Ming Liu, Yong Jun Chen

Abstract: Reviewing the historical context of theory and practice development on transportation after the New China’s founding, especially since it...

Authors: Xiao Hong Wu, Lin Wang, Zhan Lun Cao, Zhi Jun Yang

Abstract: Quasi-static structure in each configuration and load conditions may be static stiffness or frequency of a special vibration mode can be...

Authors: Zhan Xin Ma, Li Cao

Abstract: The state-owned and state-holding industrial enterprises play an important role in the process of China's industrial and economic...

Authors: Si Jing Liu, Jin Zhang, Guo Qi Li

Abstract: Within the context of the different product types and marketing strategies involved in ecommerce transactions, this paper suggested that...

Authors: Xing Chen, Wei Jiang Li, Tie Jun Zhao, Xing Hai Piao

Abstract: On the current scale of the Internet, the single web crawler is unable to visit the entire web in an effective time-frame. So, we develop a...

Authors: Jian Ma

Abstract: Ecological administration is a mode that economic development and environmental resources are in harmony, as well as the relationship...

Authors: Jin He Wang, Hong Zhang, Nan Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a method for software design and proposes a control strategy for data processing in temperature control system....

Authors: Ben Lin Dai, Zu Lin Hua, Xu Hua Yu, Xiao Hui Jiang, Ke Jian Chu, Yu Long He

Abstract: The offshore region of Haizhou Bay is characterized by intense anthropogenic activities. And the study on comparative analysis of water...

Authors: Jing Feng Guo, Ran Chai, Jia Li

Abstract: In order to solution the problem of mining maximal frequent subgraph is very hard we proposed new algorithm Top-Down. The process of this...


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