Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Song, Jin Kuan Wang, Bin Wang

Abstract: Because blind adaptive beamforming algorithms do not depend on any reference signal, they have found numerous important applications in...

Authors: Fa Ming Gong, Hai Juan Li

Abstract: This paper presents an automatic road sign detection and recognition system based on binary tree SVM. Color based segmentation techniques...

Authors: Ling Xiu Wang, Ye Wen Cao

Abstract: IP multicast protocols tend to construct a single minimum spanning tree for a multicast source (i.e., group), in which only a few internal...

Authors: Chun Sheng Li, Hong Liang Dai

Abstract: This paper tested the measures of compactness of fuzzy partitions. Over the same labeled data, Fuzzy k-Means clustering algorithm generates...

Authors: Yu Yong Cui, Zhi Yuan Zeng, Wei Hong Cui, Bi Tao Fu, Wei Liu

Abstract: We present an improved method to detect moving object and obtain the relative accurate location in this paper. The Canny detector is applied...

Authors: Hui Li

Abstract: A new approach to gear localized fault diagnosis under run-up based on angle domain average and Teager Kaiser energy operator demodulation...

Authors: De Jiang Zhang, Na Na Dong, Xiao Mei Lin

Abstract: By studying the conventional algorithm of contour extraction, a new method of contour extraction in blood vessel of brain is proposed based...

Authors: Yong Yang

Abstract: Image fusion is to combine several different source images to form a new image by using a certain method. Recent studies show that among a...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Kun Shang

Abstract: The basic test of the phased-array Doppler sonar velocity system made by us indicates that the positioning errors are large. From the...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Kun Shang

Abstract: The paper gives out the calibration method of the sensitivity and phase to a vector hydrophone; it analysed the data from the lake trial and...


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