Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hui Lv, Qing Jiang Chen

Abstract: The notion of orthogonal vector-valued binary wavelet packs is introduced. Their traits is investigated by virtue of time-frequency analysis...

Authors: Rui Zhu, Zhi Rong Liu, Jia Wei Fan

Abstract: For the engine cells performance deterioration and fault diagnostics, the cells operation contributions to engine parameters changes are...

Authors: Wei Sun, Yang Yu

Abstract: The main objective of this investigation is to explore new similarity algorithms of staff similarity in technology innovation team. First,...

Authors: Ji Qiu Deng, Yang Xie, Xiao Xiang Chen, Jun Li

Abstract: For urban renewal, there are a lot of benefit-related subjects and their needs are cumbersome. As a result, the functions and mode of the...

Authors: Bin Chen

Abstract: Rough sets, a tool for data mining, deal with the vagueness and granularity in information systems. This paper studies covering-based rough...

Authors: Bin Chen

Abstract: We introduce the notions of fuzzy δ-t-sets, fuzzy δβ-t-sets , fuzzy δ-B-continuiti and fuzzy...

Authors: Wei Xu, Xuan Cang Wang

Abstract: At present, the fibers improve the performance that asphalt mixture resistance to water damage is still lack systematical awareness. For the...

Authors: Ji Tao Du, Mei Yang

Abstract: The surface contact impression(SCI) seriously affects surface quality of stamping parts. Relational model of alleviating SCI including die...

Authors: Yu Tang, Yong Xiang Xu, Wei Yan Liang

Abstract: The permanent magnet thickness is a main consideration for the permanent magnet brushless DC motor design. The effect of the magnet...

Authors: Jie Chen, Fang Yi Xia

Abstract: As e-commerce is widely used in modern enterprises, it’s necessary for enterprises to innovate their financial management modes so that...


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