Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.M. Fang, Xiao Tao Zu

Abstract: Fe-doped SnO2 nanoparticles have been synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method. After Fe doping, the as-prepared SnO2 samples were...

Authors: J.P. Wang, Wei Sun, Z. Zhang

Abstract: Crystalline approximants structurally related to decagonal quasicrystal in the as-cast and heat-treated Al75Pd15Fe10 alloys and defect...

Authors: Akari Fujii, Yoshihisa Kimoto, Shin Wakayama, Yorinobu Takigawa, Tokuteru Uesugi, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: Many studies have been conducted on mechanical properties in nanocrystalline Ni-W alloys. However, since these results are obtained in the...

Authors: Takuro Nakamura, Hiromoto Kitahara, Jung Goo Lee, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: Pure Al (99%) and pure Fe (99.5%) sheets were mutually stacked and severely deformed up to equivalent strain of 16 by the accumulative roll...

Authors: Chang Seog Kang, Jae Ik Cho, C.Y. Jeong, Ik Hyun Oh, Jae Seol Lee, Joon Sik Park

Abstract: The mechanical properties of the nano-size primary α-Ti phase in Ti55Zr18Ni6Cu7Be14 bulk metallic glass (BMG) have been examined through...

Authors: Hung Su Im, Sang M. Lee, Chan Gyu Lee, Bon Heun Koo, Jung Bum Yoon, Myung Hwa Jung

Abstract: We indicated synthesization of LCMO by hydrothermal reaction. The results of transmission electron microscopy revealed that the LCMO...

Authors: Kun Su Son, Xin Min Wang, Akihiro Makino, Akihisa Inoue

Abstract: Techniques for joint of materials are developed over 2000 years. The metallic liquid jointing technique which enables the joint of...

Authors: Jin Cheng, Xiao Ping Zou, Fei Li, Hong Dan Zhang, Peng Fei Ren, Guang Zhu, Mao Fa Wang

Abstract: Y-shaped carbon nanowires as a multi-branched carbon nanostructure have potential applications in electrical nano-devices. In this paper,...

Authors: Bong Hwan Kim, Sang Mok Lee

Abstract: Al-Cu-Fe-B quasicrystalline and Mo coatings were obtained on the mild steel and brass substrates by thermal spraying routes for the purpose...

Authors: E.Z. Kim, Soo Ik Oh, Sang Mok Lee, C.Y. Yoon, Hoon Jae Park, Seung Soo Kim, Tae Hoon Choi, Kyoung Hoan Na

Abstract: Deformation characteristics and forming limit of ultrafine-grained bulk Al-Mg alloy were examined with upsetting process. The Al-7.5%Mg...


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