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Authors: Se Weon Choi, Young Chan Kim, Se Hun Chang, Ik Hyun Oh, Chang Seog Kang
Abstract:(Ti, Al) N coating had been deposited by Arc Ion Plating, in an atmosphere of nitrogen. The structure of the coatings was examined as a...
Authors: Keisuke Yamaoka, Yoshikazu Terai, Naomichi Okada, Takashi Yamaguchi, Yuji Yoshizako, Yasufumi Fujiwara
Abstract:Low-temperature plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of amorphous carbon (a-C:H) films was investigated for surface passivation of...
Authors: Lin Yun Song, Yu Cheng Wu, Xiang Fen Lu
Abstract:With Ti(OBu)4 as precursor, and HAC as complexing agent, pure and Fe-doped TiO2 gelatins were prepared by sol-gel method. During the process...
Authors: Bibhu P. Swain
Abstract:p doped nano-crystal l ine si l icon (nc-Si) were deposi ted by hot wire chemical vapour deposi t ion (HWCVD) using SiH4 , H2 and B2H6...
Authors: S. Takao, Hideo Kohno, Seiji Takeda
Abstract:We report the growth of silicon carbide (SiC) nanowires on silicon substrates by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) using...
Authors: Jeong Dai Jo, Taik Min Lee, Chung Hwan Kim, Kwang Young Kim, Eung Sug Lee, Masayoshi Esashi
Abstract:The gate, source, and drain electrodes of organic thin-film transistor(OTFT) to use as a switching device for a flexible display was...
Authors: K.S. Bartwal, S. Kar, N. Kaithwas, M. Deshmukh, M. Dave, N.P. Lalla, H. Ryu
Abstract:Y3Al5O12 (YAG) is one of the important and extensively used solid state laser host materials. YAG nanocrystals were synthesized by low...
Authors: Ding Chen, Song Ni, Geng Li Chen, Zhen Hua Chen
Abstract:Nano-particles of metal oxides Mn3O4, Cu2O, Fe3O4, the mixture of Zn(OH)2 and ZnO have been successfully prepared via a novel solid-liquid...
Authors: Takeshi Fukami, I. Noda, M. Asada, D. Okai, T. Yamasaki
Abstract:A crystallization process in an amorphous state under isothermal condition is examined for binary alloys ZrNi and ZrNi2 by differential...
Authors: Yuan Fei Yu, Bao Zhu Liu, Jian Zhu, Ying Chang, Min Qi
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