Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dominique Van Renterghem, Bart Wyns, Dieter Devlaminck

Abstract: BCI systems can use additional intelligence such as machine vision or obstacle avoidance routines to provide a goal-oriented approach. This...

Authors: Li Guo Wang

Abstract: This paper produced for the distortion caused by the edge bluring in the image inpainted, proposing a novel no-reference quality assessment...

Authors: Wei Wang, Xin Jian Shan, Shen Jie Jia

Abstract: In a disaster field, to obtain the optimal path in unknown environment,a rescue robot needs to build an environment map. Sensors mounted on...

Authors: Shang Bing Gao, Jin Ding, Yong Jun Zhang

Abstract: A method for license plate location based on Twin SVM is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the mathematical models of Twin SVM are...

Authors: Qian Yi Gu

Abstract: With emergence of online virtual reality applications, the 3D data of virtual scenes are available to heterogeneous end user devices with...

Authors: Guang Fei Zhai, Guang Da Su, Jiong Xin Liu

Abstract: Traditional ASM (Active Shape Model) methods usually depend heavily on the initial facial landmark positions located by the face detector....

Authors: Lin Feng Xu, Zhi Xiang Tian

Abstract: Based on the sliding mode variable structure control theory, the sliding mode control algorithm is proposed for a nonholonomic mobile robot...

Authors: Tao Yang, Yue Liu, Xiang Li

Abstract: This paper describes an eye naked 3D display cube, which can track a viewer’s position and render the stereo perspective scene in each...

Authors: Phani Srikanth, Amarjot Singh, Devinder Kumar, Aditya Nagrare, Vivek Angoth

Abstract: A number of different classifiers have been used to improve the precision and accuracy and give better classification results. Machine...

Authors: Xin Lai Tang, Xiao Rong Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a special Chinese automatic summarization method based on Concept-Obtained and Improved K-means Algorithm. The idea of...


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