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Authors: Tie Cheng Wang, Zhan Ping Du, Lei Liu, Hai Xia Bi
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Abstract:This article mainly introduces the design thought of Siemens PLC applying for the production of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition,...
Authors: Boleslav Eremiáš, Tomáš Kubatík, Eva Kalabisová
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Abstract:Results are summarized of feasibility of using model for description of exfoliation corrosion (EC) in modeling of structural degradation of...
Authors: Jun Guo Li, Ling Hong Wei, Yu Zhu Zhang
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Abstract:Gas quenching steel slag (GQSS), which was prepared by gas quenching equipment under inert atmosphere, possessed some advantages for...
Authors: Li Hong Lan, Jian Hua Chen, Ping Lan, Mei Lian Liang, Ye Chen
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Abstract:Azo dyes have strong hydrophilic and good adhesion to solid surface. In this study, 23 kinds of typical azo compounds were tested as...
Authors: Kun Kun Han, Yu Zhou, Jing Jia Wen, Jian Hua Zhu
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Abstract:A new strategy of preparing the efficient CO2 adsorbent without further molding is reported in this article. This novel shaped...
Authors: Yao Min Zhu, Shan Shan Wang, Feng Zhang Ren
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Abstract:Electroplating was employed to prepare Cu films and Ni films on Ag substrates. The average internal stresses in Cu film and Ni film were...
Authors: Yong Gang Yang, Fu Ping Liu
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Abstract:The properties of offset paper and art paper including smoothness, gloss and absorbability, dot percentage and the tri-stimulus values of...
Authors: Sanya Prangsri-Aroon, Pinsuda Viravathana, Waritsara Bangmek, Attera Worayingyong, Wiyong Kangwansupamonkon, Olaf Deutschmann, Hans Schulz
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Abstract:Un-promoted and promoted Co/SiO2 catalysts with ZrO2 and Ru were prepared and the catalytic performances for...
Authors: Xing Hua Liang, Xiao Hua Jie
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Abstract:The microstructure and properties of brazing weld of 3003 Aluminum Alloy has been studied by using the methods of microstructure...
Authors: Zhan Dong Yu, Jiang Tao Xu, Xian Feng Wang
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Abstract:The anti-swing problem of the bridge cranes is discussed. The position and anti-swing control strategy based on BVP arithmetic is presented....
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