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Authors: Li Ke Zou, Chuan Lai, Bin Xie, Xue Yang, Zhen Xiang, Ni Zeng, Chun Huang, Yang Mei Wang
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Abstract:The inhibition effect of N,N-diethylammonium O,O'-di(2-phenylethyl)dithiophosphate (EPP,...
Authors: Ming Jie Ma, Quan Run Liu, Shan Xiu Huang
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Abstract:Under certain experimental conditions, the formed coke with hollow and cricoid stria. Through the perfect supposition about briquette...
Authors: Wen Ping Chang, Shi Guo Du, Gui E Lu, Jin Yong Jiang
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Abstract:The burning temperatures of several types of gunpowder were calculated and tested by approximate equation, REAL software and CIT-1MD infrared...
Authors: Yong Liang Gui, Qi Cao Yan, Ya Kun Yan, Chun Yan Song
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Abstract:With the beginning of the characteristics of sintering flue gas, the thermodynamics and chemical reaction mechanism of sintering flue gas...
Authors: Fei Chen, Dai Di Fan
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Abstract:Human-like collagen (HLC)-Fe complex has been synthesised in aqueous solution. Ultraviolet-visible absorption (UV-vis) spectroscopy and...
Authors: Wei Ning, Li Da Luo, Xing Yang Xu, Qing Wei Wang, Jian Chen
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Abstract:Current density and energy density is one of the most important parameters for designing the electric melting glass furnace. This paper...
Authors: Yong Gang Li, Da Jin Yang, Jian Rong Peng, Xiao Ying Li
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Abstract:An experimentation project has been put forward to enrich indium from sulfuric acid leaching solution bearing high content of indium:...
Authors: Xiao Hua Yu, Yong Gang Li, Gang Xie, Ying Lu, Kun Wang Ji, Zhe Shi
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Abstract:By means of an electrochemical study, the influence of Sb3+ on cathode polarization process in zinc electrowinning and its...
Authors: Zheng Dong, Da Gui Huang
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Abstract:Ultraviolet (UV) corona inspector is used to detect corona according to the ultraviolet radiation of the discharge. High detecting...
Authors: Xiao Nian Xiao, Ye Guo, Xing Yi, Hua Xiong
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Abstract:The effects of four types of extraction methods on the yield and the quality of coix seed oil were investigated. The extraction yields (EYs)...
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