Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Gang Yang

Abstract: The wet picking and wet repellence of offset papers were studied using IGT-gst2 printability tester according to change printing...

Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang, Wen Shiang Liao

Abstract: Tensile and compressive silicon nitride films as contact etch stop layers (CESL) are deposited on the poly-gate of N/PMOSFETs providing the...

Authors: Li Li

Abstract: By selecting different elasticity coefficients, the result of that the pressure distributions on contact human body and human’s subjective...

Authors: Jiang Zhu, Xiao Yao Qian, Yu Wang

Abstract: Electrical energy meter is one of the most important metrology equipments.It is also a kind of metrology apparatus for commercial...

Authors: Feng Shang, Hai Xia Zhou, Bin Qiao, Hua Qiang Li, Yi Qiang He

Abstract: With the speed up of the train, higher performance demands are put forward to the materials which have friction function. The friction...

Authors: Xiao Ting Li, Da Zhou Zhu, Dong Wang, Li Gang Pan, Zhi Hong Ma, Ji Hua Wang

Abstract: IR micro-imaging technology is a new kind of analytical technology, which combines direct-visualizing image and infrared spectroscopy...

Authors: Qiao Dan Hu, Peng Luo, Meng Xian Zhang, Mou Sheng Song, Jian Guo Li

Abstract: A novel method termed field activated and low pressure assisted combustion synthesis (FALPCS) was developed for an in situ fabrication of...

Authors: Cun Dong Xu, Yan Wang, Hui Min Hou, Hai Cheng Li

Abstract: Compared with the traditional upstream dam slope construction method, the extrusion side wall technology has many advantages. such as less...

Authors: Yong Gang Yang

Abstract: In order to control the print-through, the value of print-through resistance (PTR for short) was put forward to predict the...

Authors: Xiu Li Yang, Tie Min Zhang, Hang Xing, Hai Xia Qi

Abstract: The cymbal piezoelectric energy conversion device is set in the sole in this system. Using positive piezoelectric effect, it can convert...


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