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Authors: Gui Xia Dong, Wei Liu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The electrical and dielectric properties of Ba0.3Sr0.7TiO3 (BST), as a function of annealed temperature and oxygen partial...
Authors: Xue Ming He, Ying Xue, Cheng Gang Li, Chen Liang Hua, Yi Lu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In this paper, it is proposed a new method of free-from surface’s reverse engineering, making data acquisition and surface reconstruction...
Authors: Hong Liang Liu, Gang Liu, Shi Qiang Cui, Wei Jun Liu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:A novel photochromic diarylethene based on isoxazole moiety was synthesized and its photochromic and fluorescent properties were also...
Authors: Hong Fang Xie, Yan Chun Xiao, Shao Bin Li, Chen Zhen
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:P-ferrocene-SA/acetylferrocene-CS Bipolar Membrane (BPM) was prepared with phosphorylated agent as the cation exchange layer, and chitosan...
Authors: Guo Hui Cao, Zhen Yu Xie, Ming Cai Wen, Ran He
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The ultimate bearing capacity test is carried on CFST arch bridge model with CFRP slings, and the deflection of tie-beams, CFST arch,...
Authors: Zi Bing Hou, Guo Guang Cheng
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Aiming at the facing problems of the actual continuous caster in a certain steel mill, a solidification-process heat transfer model about...
Authors: Chun Kan
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The air-water interfacial zirconia film composed of nanodisks with self-assembly structure is prepared. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM),...
Authors: Fen Wang, Chun Zhao, Jian Feng Zhu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The brownmillerite structural Ca2Fe2O5 is successfully prepared by high energy milling starting from...
Authors: Jiang Jing Wu, Yu Tao Zhao, Song Li Zhang, G. Chen, Xiao Li Xu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In-situ ZrB2/AZ91 magnesium matrix composite was successfully synthesized with...
Authors: Xiao Qing Liu, Jun Lin Xie
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:To discover the water structure in glass, two silicate glasses were synthesized under different melting atmospheric conditions. Fourier...
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