Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhong, Xi Han

Abstract: The mechanism of the formation of active nitrogen atoms and the function of hydrogen molecules for the dissociation of the mixture of...

Authors: Wei Ping Chen, Zhe Liu, Yu Deng, Jie Luo, Yong Cheng Chen

Abstract: Ductile iron specimen with dimensions of Φ590mm×800mm were prepared by treating the melt with an yttrium-containing nodulizer. Cooling...

Authors: Chang Jun Xu, Lin Hu, Song Zhang, Ai Hua Hou, Qi Wang

Abstract: Jet shape of submerged nozzle (SEN), flowage, fluid level fluctuation and the superheat on bath surface in mold under the static...

Authors: Shu Tao Wang, Peng Wei Zhang, Le Gong, Xiao Qing Shao

Abstract: Based on law of Beer-Lambert, a novel optical fiber gas sensing system is designed to determine the concentration of gas. The narrow-band...

Authors: Jie Wei, Yu Feng Nie, Li Cai

Abstract: Generalized particle dynamics method (GP) is a kind of new multi-scale analysis approach which relates various scales naturally through...

Authors: Ren Jie Wang, Gang Liu, Hong Ying Xia, Shi Qiang Cui

Abstract: A novel photochromic diarylethene bearing a six-membered aryl unit,...

Authors: Li Qin Wang, Shou Zhi Pu, Liu Shui Yan, Shi Qiang Cui

Abstract: A new unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene 1-(2,5-dimethylisoxazolyl)-2-[(2-n-butyl-5-formylthiophenyl)] perfluoroncyclopentene (1a), was...

Authors: Ying Zhi Cheng, Li Xue, Xiu Yu Sun, Zhong Bo Hu

Abstract: Crystal structures of Bi2Mo3O12 and Bi1.8Ln0.2Mo3O12 (Ln = Ce,...

Authors: Da Yong Lu, Xiu Yun Sun

Abstract: The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) technique was employed to investigate the point defects in barium strontium titanate ceramics. All...

Authors: Shuo Ming Wang, Jin Hong Zhang, Hao Ming Liu

Abstract: This paper analyses and studies control of nitrogen on Al- killed steel using the methods of production experiment in the flow of molten...


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