Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Lei, Zhi Xiong Ouyang

Abstract: There are many faults in microwave power measurement in the working spots. In this paper, the novel technique of microwave power measurement...

Authors: Zuo Yong Zheng, Bin Yang

Abstract: Photometric stereo is a widely-used non-contact optical technology for surface shape measurement in industry. However, it is subject two...

Authors: Chun He Chang, Jiang Ping Yang, Peng Ju Cao

Abstract: Due to the lack of valid testability evaluation methods for complex equipment in the final phase, a new testability evaluation method based...

Authors: Yi Hua Kang, Jun Tu, Jian Bo Wu, Yan Hua Sun

Abstract: This paper presents the high-speed ultrasonic testing methods for steel pipes currently, and points the existing difficulties, such as the...

Authors: Bo Xu, Hui Xia, Yuan Yao

Abstract: Since there are few methods to evaluate the qualitative index in dam safety monitoring and the evaluation system is imperfect, in this paper...

Authors: Ya Bo Luo, Li Chun Zhu, Wei Li Ma

Abstract: The high precision surveying control network provides the positional and orientation datum for the construction and measure-control system...

Authors: Yu Qin Jiao, Yan Lu, Chun Sheng Xiao

Abstract: Experimental research on transition and flow separation of laminar airfoil and the influence of transition and flow separation on the...

Authors: Yong Qin Chen, Jian Jun Chen, San Mai Su

Abstract: Spherical swashplate type axial piston pump slipping shoe hole shape and reasonable position design is key points for pump working. Current...

Authors: Yuan Li, Lan Qiao, Zhi Li Sui

Abstract: The CSIRO overcoring stress relief and hydraulic fracturing methods are the most popular methods used for the measurement of in-situ stress...

Authors: Zhi Li Yu, Feng Gui Lu, An Hua Liu

Abstract: In this page, arc imaging system was estabished with the double agglutination lens ,screen , dimmer glasses, aperture and precise mobile...


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