Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

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Authors: Jia Na Liang, Guo Wei Liang, Hua Feng Liang

Abstract: In order to study the double-cones flowmeter’s varying mechanism of expansibility factor, the experiment on the flowmeter with certain...

Authors: Hong Peng Tian

Abstract: Due to the feasibility and the efficiency in image engineering, Grey Theory proposed by Julong DENG has been paid more attention by many...

Authors: Hong Peng Tian

Abstract: To increase the speed of image matching, this paper combines Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (BFA) of swarm intelligence with wavelet...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Quan Yu, Jian Rong, Li Ping Shi

Abstract: This paper studies the multiple events character of pedestrian platoon with the technique of video analysis. Meanwhile, applying K-means...

Authors: Ye An Yin, Kirill Horoshenkov, Gui Bing Ou

Abstract: This paper presents an approach to determination of acoustic admittances by solving inverse problem which is obtained from finite element...

Authors: Xiu Fang Wang, Chong Chong Liang, Jian Guo Jiang, Li Li Ju

Abstract: In order to improve work stability and measurement accuracy of drilling inclinometer, and overcome the poor stability of Elman networks and...

Authors: Jin Li Wang, Ke Rong He, Jian Feng Hu

Abstract: The variational method has been used to study the interaction between the two polarized components of the vector dark soliton in a...

Authors: Jiang Hua Li

Abstract: To explore the relationship between basal metabolism of the nicotinamide and the athletic ability of the elite swimmers, Sixteen Chinese...

Authors: Jiang Hua Li

Abstract: The physical characteristics of athletes are the important indexes for athletes selecting and training monitoring. Through measuring the...

Authors: Yi Xiong Nie, Xian Gang Peng, Xiao Ning Xu

Abstract: A series of experiments on the corona current pulse appearing on insulators under various contamination conditions with AC voltage of...


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