Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Abstract: Removed due to author request.

Authors: Zhi Song Hou, Zhou Yu, Xian Gang Zuo, Wei Zheng

Abstract: Adaptive OPAST algorithm can ensure the orthogonality of weighted matrix in every iterations, and accelerate the convergence rate, improve...

Authors: Su Xiang Qian, Zhu Ping Li, Xiao Jun Gu, Qi Du

Abstract: For the purpose of enhance the accuracy and sensitivity of FRA of transformer winding deformation fault diagnose, this paper made several...

Authors: Xiao Yan Liu, Yao Yao Zhang

Abstract: Rotating drum is the main part of industrial rotary kilns. The repose angle is one of the most important parameters describing the solids...

Authors: Xiao Juan Zhu, Yin Yan Qiu

Abstract: Objective: To observe the phthalates pollution situation in water environment and design the liquid-liquid extraction gas chromatography...

Authors: Jin Sheng Yin

Abstract: The analysis of examination results and design quality plays a vitally important role in teaching management, greatly helping teachers to...

Authors: Fang Jun Wu

Abstract: Complex systems and complexity science to be home and abroad are believed as the 21st century scientific development frontier by numerous...

Authors: Yuan Feng, Li Xia, Li Ming Wang, Le Ping Bu, Ying Shao

Abstract: Loading management is one of the most important technologies for ship power system. Reasonable distribution of electric energy to the...

Authors: Yuan Feng, Li Xia, Li Ming Wang, Xiao Ling Yan, Liang Fen Xiao

Abstract: The optimal placement of PMU exerts very important influences on the application of Synchronized Phasor Measurement Technique in power...

Authors: Liang Gao, Jian Xin Liu, Miao Liu

Abstract: With HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge as the engineering background, through the section model wind tunnel test, research into the influence of...


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