Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Z. Y. Yang, D. H. Liu, F. Yang, Z. G. Xie, Y. Huang

Abstract: Aim to the low measuring precision of non-cylinder pin hole using the coordinate measuring machine(CMM)and pneumatic measuring instrument, a...

Authors: Xing Meng Shan, Xia Xiao, Yuan Sun

Abstract: Laser-generated surface acoustic waves (LSAWs) technique is a feasible method to determine the Young’s modulus of thin films. The raw...

Authors: Yi Feng Xu, Jun Wang

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to validate the modal parameters used in coupled structural finite element and acoustic boundary element algorithm...

Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Qing Ju Tang, Yang Wang

Abstract: This paper describes the quantitative analysis of the shape, boundary, and depth of subsurface defects by ultrasound lock-in thermography....

Authors: Hong Liang Jia, Bing Yu, Rui Zhang, Ming Zhi Sang

Abstract: Land subsidence in urban area is becoming a severe geological hazard disturbing the urban construction and development. Persistent Scatterer...

Authors: Wei Guo Zhao, Xue Song Zhao

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of low accuracy and high power consumption, A new ultrasonic flow measurement method was proposed in this...

Authors: Qing Sheng Zeng, Gilles Y. Delisle

Abstract: A time domain technique based on numerical inversion of Laplace transform is extended and applied to transient analysis of pulses reflected...

Authors: Guang Cui Ji, Zhen Rong Lin, Jian Min Li

Abstract: According to the particularity of relational databases, a new watermarking relational database based on image is proposed combined with the...

Authors: Xian Feng Xiong, De Ren Kong, Xiao Feng Ruan

Abstract: Induction-type coil target is a common used zone-block device for measuring projectile’s velocity. The magnetized projectile is simplified...

Authors: Yu Qin Jiao, Xi Ping Chen, Zhen Li Zhi

Abstract: Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel test are two main technical means to examine the aerodynamic performance of airfoil and...


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